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APA and NIE have created a new area here just for teachers and NIE Coordinators. It allows anyone to download teaching materials with just a click of the button.

crayola.com NEW!
Coloring pages, crafts, lesson plans and other activities from Crayola.

Arkansas Ties NEW!
Arkansas Gazette, 1819-1850, Oldest Newspaper West of the Mississippi. Over 4000 pages of people, places, news from the early days of the Arkansas Gazette, military memorials and history.

XooxleAnswers Professional Research Service NEW!
An immense collection of links to free newspaper archives, spanning the 18th to 21st Centuries and covering state, city, county and regional newspapers.

HistoryBuff.com NEW!
HistoryBuff.com is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing FREE primary source material for students, teachers, and historybuffs. This site focuses primarily on HOW news of major, and not so major, events in American history were reported in newspapers of the time.

feedbus.com NEW!
An extensive list of links to newspapers at other print media at feedbus.com.

The Traveler's Guide to Arkansas NEW!
Activities for students, K-12, developed by Arkansas Secretary of State Charlie Daniels

Free NASA Column for member newspapers NEW!
Most elementary age children are interested in space exploration. But how often do they find information about the very latest space discoveries and space technologies written especially for them?

The short monthly columns provided by NASA's award-winning Space Place outreach program give newspaper editors a no-cost source of accurate, up-to-date, and highly readable information for their youngest readers.

The columns are offered free of charge. But editors are asked to send in a tear sheet each time an article is used. If you would like to receive this monthly column for use in your publication, please contact Nancy Leon at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 818.354.1067.

NASA Web site for elementary school kids NEW!
The web site is called the NASA Space Place and the URL is spaceplace.nasa.gov . The site is a great resource for teachers as well.

Earthforce in the Water
Resources for Science Learning from the Franklin Institute

It Comes in Waves
Examining the Different Origins of Tsunami Waves and Researching the Behavior of Some Recent Tsunami

A lesson plan from New York Times on the Web's Teacher Connections

Great Web Sites for Kids
A classified index of great Web sites for kids maintained by the America Library Association

The Advertising Icon Museum
The official site of the Advertising Icon Museum, the soon-to-be, brand new home of a whole host of familiar and not-so-familiar characters who were created just for the purpose of advertising — many of whom have taken on a beloved, pop cultural status far beyond their illustrious business careers.

Disaster Resources
Materials and plans from the University of Illinois Extension

The Best Thematic Units
An extensive directory of thematic units listed by subject and thematic connections maintained by the Education & Computer Connection Newsletter

National Geographic XPeditions
Geography-oriented lesson plans from Nation Geographic, organized into 4 grade ranges.

Democracy in Action
Arsalyn's Democracy in Action civic education project brings high school students trained by their teachers into elementary schools to teach students about democracy and voting. Democracy in Action entails four lessons addressing key aspects of American citizenship and a fifth session devoted to a voting simulation with real voting equipment.

Green Spaces from Fuji Film
A "Unique, Visual Experience." As part of a global commitment to preserve green spaces and the culture of photography, Fujifilm proudly sponsors Manhattan's High Line Portrait Project. The site also includes online activities and tours like YourStamps, Aquamask and Asia Trail.

Literacy 2007: Newspapers Give Knowledge and Guidance
"A new Literacy Tab for Literacy Day in September."

Just in: new teaching materials NEW!
Click the links below to download a free PDF version of these valuable teaching aids and guides for NIE coordinators:

Create a Classroom Newspaper (296.72 kB)
Using the Newspaper to Teach Secondary Language Arts (3.85 MB)
Lifelong Readers (1.13 MB)
Math Guide (360.14 kB)
NIE Guide for Weekly and Community Papers (430.59 kB)
Newspapers Maintain the Brain (1.32 MB)
NIE Week Teachers Guide (3.75 MB)

Newspapers - Touching the Kaleidoscope of Your Mind (1.67 MB)
A teachers' guide with activities organized by the seven intelligences of the Multiple Intelligence Theory which are: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal. [54 pages - created for use in primary grades - secondary grade activities included from page 49-54. NAA Foundation, 1997.]

Reading First NIE (1.9 MB)
Teaching supplement for Reading First, No Child Left Behind Act 2001. Covers activities for children Pre-K through Grade 5 in these five areas: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Text Comprehension [38 pages – NAA Foundation, 2002.)

Give Them the Keys (288.73 kB)
Just Think. A newspaper activity guide that focuses on the development of higher-level thinking skills in children. Objectives: analysis, synthesis and evaluation. [34 pages. The activities in this guide focus on the top three levels of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: analysis, synthesis and evaluation. NAA Foundation, 2004.]

All Together Now (158.79 kB)
An activity guide that looks at the role the newspaper can play in developing children's literacy skills in a multicultural society. [37 pages, with 12 lessons that reflect the national standards in many content ares. Modifications for English Language Learners. Can be adapted to fit multiple grade levels. NAA Foundation, 2005.]

From Writers to Readers (491.41 kB)
An activity guide that is designed to be used in either a writer's program or a traditional writing curriculum [38 pages, including mini lessons and writer's organizers for 10 writing topics. NAA Foundation, 2003.]

Megaskills (1.71 MB)
An 11-part series based on building children's achievement for the information age, incorporating the following topics: Confidence, motivation, effort, responsibility, initiative, perseverance, caring, teamwork, common sense, problem solving and focus. [NAA Foundation, 2000]

First Things First newspaper activity guide that teaches the freedoms of the First Amendment. [41 pages complete with goals and evaluations. NAA Foundation, 2001]

N The News (1.2 MB)
A set of eight curriculum units that encompasses lesson plans, subject content, activities and assessment tools. It is designed to utilize the daily newspaper as a teaching tool in the journalism classroom. [59 pages, NAA Foundation, 2005.]

Newspapers Maintain the Brain (1.32 MB)
Teachers' guide to enhance basic skills. [42 pages, including activities for elementary, middle and secondary levels and a handout for younger students. NAA Foundation.]

Mastering the Message (1.98 MB)
Performance Assessment Activities for Understanding Media - designed to help students gain control of media messages by analyzing them and creating messages of their own. [58 pages - first 49, teachers' guide, last 8 - Family Activity Guide - Good for intermediate through high school - NAA Foundation, 1996]

* All materials are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. You must have Adobe Reader (version 5.0 or later) or the full version of Adobe Acrobat (version 5.0 or later) to view them. If you have Reader or Acrobat, but the attached file fails to open in your Web browser or email client application, try saving it to your hard drive first and then opening it with Acrobat or Reader. If you have any difficulties, contact Tres Williams, APA's communications director and lobbyist.

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